Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Well-rounded, self-confident students who are produced in collaboration with parents, community and other stakeholders and who can easily take their place in the national or global society.

Our Mission

St. Ursula’s Girls’ Anglican School is committed to facilitating the holistic development of its pupils, through the promotion of programmes designed to nurture literacy, numeracy and other academic skills, promote physical, spiritual and social growth, inculcate moral values, and foster an appreciation for the aesthetics and a quest for further knowledge.

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St. Ursula’s Girls’ Anglican School was first established in 1852 but was known for one hundred years as St. Vincent Street E.C. School. It was rebuilt in 1952 and given its current name. Boys constituted part of its infant population from its inception up to the mid-eighties. It is now an all-girl institution. St. Ursula’s, the only school on St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, will celebrate its one hundred and sixtieth anniversary in 2012. The name St. Ursula’s was bestowed in honour of a very courageous young girl died a martyr defending her religious beliefs. It is hoped that her life will positively influence those under our tutelage. As an Anglican primary school, St. Ursula’s has always come under the purview of the Anglican Education Board of... Learn More